Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 2021 
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Accessing WIFI
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Our Lady of perpetual Help has made improvements to its Wifi network so that there is now a Private and a Public network.  The Private network (seen as SSID: OLPHnew on your device) is reserved for church operations and on which church owned computers, printers and storage devices are connected.  The Public network (seen as SSID: OLPHguest on your device) is set up as a hotspot.  Provision has been made for parishioners, staff, volunteers and/or visitors to connect to the Internet with their smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc via this Public network.


The purpose of this document is to outline the procedures for using the Public OLPHguest network.

How to Connect

Access to OLPHguest will be controlled using voucher-based authentication.  That means, anyone wishing to use the OLPH Hotspot, i.e. OLPHguest, will need a 10-digit voucher code, which is linked to the computing device.  Various types of voucher codes can be made available.  “Guests” will usually be provided one that is valid for 365 days.  One day vouchers (e.g. for attendees at a meeting) are available at the church office.  Vouchers can be revoked at any time. Once you have received your voucher code and the OLPHguest network password via email, follow the steps below: Show available networks on your device and connect to OLPHguest using the password provided. Open your Internet browser.  A popup will open showing the terms of use and a space for inserting your voucher code.  Once the 10-digit voucher code including the dash is entered, you will be directed to the http://olphwinnipeg.ca website. You now have access to the Internet and can begin browsing as you would normally.

How to Obtain Your Voucher Code

To obtain your voucher code, click this Voucher Code Application Form


If you are having difficulties and/or would like further information, reach out to the church office or contact Rick Schwab, Telephone (204) 896-6703, Email techservices@olphwinnipeg.ca.