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We are His people, the flock of the Lord
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If you are interested in obtaining more information or would like to join any of these committees, please send your name, telephone number and a message to:  office@olphwinnipeg.ca A group of representatives from our parish to coordinate an annual social event in our Parish Hall for the purpose of welcoming our new parishioners into the community. The purpose of this ministry is to provide some familiar, friendly faces in order to make the transition and integration process smoother and easier. Social Committee ~ Representatives from our parish who coordinate various social functions within the parish, including Coffee Sunday's, picnics, receptions, etc... These events serve to promote our parish as one body in Christ, whose members see themselves as brothers and sisters in God's family. Funeral Luncheons ~ A committee established to cater and serve lunch after funerals held in our parish. This ministry serves to support and reach out to those families mourning the loss of a loved one by providing this service. Library Service ~ The library currently contains more than 1400 books, most of which are catalogued electronically and can be searched by author, title and subject. Please feel free to drop by and browse the collection. Anyone wishing to sign out a book will find sign-out instructions posted in the library. Donations of books for the library are only accepted after consultation with Msgr. Comeault. The library lending system is operated on the honour system. Please contact the OLPH office (204-832-1993) regarding any enquires. Gardening "Then God said, 'Let the earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on earth that bear fruit with the seed in it'. And it was so." ~Genesis 1:11                        Dedicated parishioners who cheerfully garden for the Lord! These individuals ensure a spectacular display of flower gardens, shrubs and trees around the buildings and grounds of our church property.   A representative from our parish attends meetings and workshops and cooridinates parish activities on behalf of Development and Peace. Development and Peace is an organization set up under the auspices of Canadian Bishops, to work with partner organizations in Third-World countries to promote social justice and sustainable use of resources by providing money, supplies and personnel. Development and Peace also responds to emergency needs in countries struggling with natural disasters  and  the effects  of war. Please contact Rosemary van Rosmalen by calling the  OLPH  office (204-832-1993) regarding any enquires.
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