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olph library

The church library has 1700+ titles, including books for both adults and children.  Topics include family relationships, forgiveness, Christian life, prayer and how to survive loss.  

The  OLPH library is run on the honour system.  Books may be borrowed for three (3) weeks at a time (but can be renewed).   The rules of borrowing are posted on the notice board in the library.  Books in the church library are for the use of those in the parish.  

Donations of books are gratefully accepted.  Please leave in the box labelled ‘drop off box’ at the back of the church library.

Come in and browse or view our holdings online via LibraryThing.

Guest Wi-Fi


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish has a Wi-Fi hotspot available for parishioners, staff, volunteers and visitors. This feature enables internet access connection of personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc via this Public network (SSID: OLPHguest).

Controlled Access

To gain access, individuals will need a 10-digit voucher code. Short term voucher codes, i.e. 24 hour ones, are available from the Parish Office as are the associated setup instructions.

Those wishing longer term access will have to apply for a voucher code, which will be sent by email. The email will contain the necessary details for adoption. Select the button below if you would like a voucher code.

facility use / rental

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) has rented its facilities to parishioners and other groups affiliated with the parish for many years.   

Parish Activities

Parish facilities are free of charge for social events and events celebrating sacraments.  The purpose of these events is to develop a sense of community and belonging and are generally open to all parishioners.  Likewise, fees are not levied for religious formation events, organization meetings and other gatherings held in support of the parish, e.g. Alpha Program, training sessions such as First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator training.

Private Functions

Registered, contributing parishioners may request use of the facilities for private events such for receptions for weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, family reunions, etc.  Unless otherwise waived, rental fees are charged for these events to offset costs to the parish.

Renters are required to sign the following documents:
• Premises Rental Liability Agreement;
• Rental Agreement; and
• Short term key use (if applicable).


Contact the Parish Office at (204) 832-1993 if you would like to reserve or rent facilities.